Information about alternative medicine?

Information about alternative medicine?
I am doing a persuasive essay on alternative medicine and why it should replace some forms of conventional medicine. I have been looking around the internet for sources but all of them either do not have the information I want or are to specific in their forms of medicine. Does anyone have any sources, or better yet, information?

Your problem is that by definition Alternative medicine is neither proven to work, or not to work, if a remedy is proven to work, it’s just called medicine.

Edit: Mad Scientist, what you’ve done is called an Appeal to Tradition, a logical fallacy – there is no proof accupunture works, in fact it’s just the opposite because it has been shown several times that it works no better than placebo, which means it doesn’t work… thats when science based medicine throws something out, otherwise hospitals would be giving sugar pills and snake oil for all that ailes you. Then you follow it with another logical fallacy called the straw man argument.

Edit2: Reitering the strawman and backing it up with an Argumentum ad Populum doesn’t work. It’s as if you’re going through the list of logical fallacies. Remember, Emil is trying to write a persuasive essay, he can’t just write “alternative medicine works because lots of people use them and the pharmacutical companies are greedy.”