Interesting title for a Compare and Contrast essay?

Interesting title for a Compare and Contrast essay?
I’m writing a compare and contrast essay for College Composition I. I’m basically comparing Catholicism and the Baptist faith.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

How about this for a title…

“What a Difference a Bible Makes”

I think that’s a great title but I might have some more ideas if you tell me what points of comparison you’ll be making. I do think it all boils down to what each group considers authoritative. As you may already know, the Baptists consider the Bible the sole authority regarding God, the Gospel and how Christians should operate. The Roman Catholics believe the Bible AND “church tradition” are equally authoritative.

When I asked a Catholic friend of mine what happens when church tradition and the Bible are not in synch, he replied, “That would never happen.”

Good luck with the paper!