interviews for writers, please help me if you are a writer?

interviews for writers, please help me if you are a writer?
hello all. I’m doing an essay for school and i have to interview writers. Please, if you are any type of writer (song, novel, journalist, reporter, author, poet, literature, etc. ) can you answer these following questions.

1. what kind of writer are you? (song, novel, poet, etc…)
2. when did you start writing? ( age or time u started)
3. why did you start writing? (why is it your passion? does your writing have a hidden message? do you write about yourself)
4. what inspires you to write?
5. what is it like to be a writer to you? (do you show your emotions. how does writing make you feel)
6. did you study or take any courses to be a writer?
7.what skills do you have that give you the confidence of being a writer?

thanks for answering. It will be a big help.

1. I am a song writer, poet and novel writer.
2. I was seven when I started.
3. I had always been interested in reading and read a lot. So when I was seven my father bought me a book and a leather bound journal. Since then I’ve been writing.
I write simply because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be living. I hardly ever write about myself.
4. Music, our beautiful earth and my dead lover Racheal.
5. I guess writing is my way of keeping sane but also keeping in touch with my insanity.
I do show emotion and a lot of it. I see writing the same way I see childbirth, and it takes a coldhearted person to show no emotion delivering a baby into the world.
Like God. Writing makes me feel like God.
6. No I didn’t, just practised everyday. I did however set up a creative writing class in my local library.
7. Well I’m pretty open minded, determined and quite eccentric. I guess you also need a good imagination.
Terribly sorry my answer was so rushed, I am in a hurry though hope I helped anyway.