Introduction help with a Report Essay.?

Introduction help with a Report Essay.?
I am writing a Report for an English essay and I am unsure how to write my introdudtion. I have the majority of it done, save for the introduction, are there any tips/pointers as to what I should include in the intro? I have also written my Remit and statement, shopuld I reword these for the intro?

Please remember as it is a report I can not have a ‘point’, or opinion.

If it helps any my essay is on the factors which contribute to habitat loss.

You’re doing it the right way, always write the essay then write the introduction last.

You’ll need to state clearly the limits of the essay, for example, if you’re looking at only one type of habitat then state that in your introduction and explain that because of the limit you’ll be ignoring certain factors. No point going on about deforestation if you’re looking at melting of polar icecaps.

Once you’ve stated the general parameters of what you’re covering you’ll want to briefly outline the areas you’ll be looking at, ie, list the factors you’re going to examine. A brief comment on the sources you’ll be using may also be appropriate.