Inventions that will impact the future?

Inventions that will impact the future?
I need to write an essay about a future that will impact the future generations as well as the fields of math, science, technology or anything relating to that. Please help?

1. Robotics
2. Energy
3. Space Commerce
4. Smart Technologies
5. Entertainment
6. Transportation
7. Communications
are certainly some of the categories of the future inventions.
YOUR INTRO COULD BE SOMETHNG LIKE THIS : it is important to introduce students to the idea of technology, and help them to identify its various forms and ongoing effects on society. It is also worthwhile to help them see that technology, including the invention of processes and tools since the beginning of time, shows that people have some control over their destiny and can handle problems by searching for better ways to do things, inventing solutions, and taking risks

What are inventions? What do they do?

How do inventors help to solve problems and make life easier for people?

In what ways did the invention of the light bulb change the way people lived?

Can anyone be an inventor? What kinds of qualities does an inventor need?

——————You as the Inventor , in what feild would you like your invention to be?—————–
Then ask questions like these:
If you were a young inventor, do you think inventing a _____ is a good idea? Why or why not?

Do you think it could be built?

What kinds of inventions or technology would you use to build it?

How might this help people?

Do you think people would want to buy or use a ______? Why or why not?