Is 1360 a good SAT score?

Is 1360 a good SAT score?
I am a high school Jr and I received my SAT scores today.
I scored a 540 in reading, 330 in math, and a 490 in writing.
I asked my parents about my score and they said that it was good, but im just double checking.
So, does anyone know if a 1360 is a good SAT score.

Do you know the score requirements for the college you would like to attend? That is what truly determines a good SAT score. Although I will say your math score is quite low. Not to worry though because you can take the SAT again in October. There is no penalty for taking the SAT multiple times. I would suggest using this summer to practice so you can raise your score. The math section should be your main focus but it would not hurt to spend some time on the other two also. If you do not already have The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board you will want to purchase it. Also, you may want to check out The PowerScore SAT Math Bible. This book covers all question types on the math section of the SAT, with over 375 practice questions and full explanations. You can check out The SAT Math Bible and The Official SAT Study Guide at . Lastly, check out PowerScore’s Free Help portion of the website. There are loads of free quizzes, flashcards, and practice essays – . Good luck!!