Is 1740 a good score for a practice SAT? Also a few other questions.?

Is 1740 a good score for a practice SAT? Also a few other questions.?
I took a practice SAT at a class I’m taking as a diagnostic test (so hopefully it will get much better once I’m finished with the class!) and I received a 1740.

I was wondering if this was a good score, average and since I’m looking at more local colleges, do you think that is a score that could get me into UCONN?

On this score sheet I have, it says I received:
600 on Math, 580 on Reading, 560 on Writing, 60 on Grammar? (i didn’t include this in the score because idk what it is…) and an 8 on the essay. Did I calculate my score correctly just by adding up the Math, Reading and Writing sections? Thanks in advance.

Yes, you calculated your score correctly. It is a good score, average is a 1500 so you are above average. Uconn has gotten more selective recently, but I do think that your SAT will be within their average for an accepted student. Their average SAT score, they are only including math+reading in this one, is a 1195 (this is from their website, I gave you the link below). Your math+reading gives you a 1180, which is a little below their average, but not significantly. I am sure that your SAT will go up with the class and you should have a very good chance at getting in so long as your GPA is good as well.

If you can you should definitely visit campus, its quite nice and they make very good ice cream. best of luck!