Is 1873 a good SAT score?

Is 1873 a good SAT score?
I just got my SAT scores back and they were
Critical Reading 610
Math 620
Writing 570
Multiple Choice 56
Essay 8

Does this mean my score was 1873? Also is that a good score. I want to go to University of Washington whoes SAT score is around 1630-1970 according to college toolkit.

SAT score is just critical reading + math + writing. So 610 + 620 + 570 = 1800.

Writing is further broken down into its multiple choice and essay component — however, these two components are part of the writing score itself. SAT scores are always multiples of 10, and they can range from 600 to 2400. 600 is the lowest score. 2400 is the highest score. Each of the 3 subsections (math, critical reading, and writing) has a score ranging from 200 to 800.

What constitutes a “good” score is subjective, and depends on what you want. As you noted, most universities post the median (and perhaps 25 and 75 percentile) scores, so you have an idea of the caliber of their students.