Is 2130 a good SAT score?

Is 2130 a good SAT score?
This is my math, reading and writing multiple choice added up – I’m not sure how the essay factors in, but I got a 12 on it in case that helps.

A 2130 on the SAT is a great score. At top universities, admission officers usually look for a score of 2100 or more. You have to look at your individual math, verbal, and writing scores. A raw score of twelve is great because it translates to an 800( 2 people read your essay and score it on a scale of 1-6, and then they’re added together to get a scaled score). If your verbal score is better than your math score, that’s great too because most people score higher on the math. And for the math section, as well as the verbal and writing, top colleges look for a score around 700 and up (but if you’re going to apply to a tech school such as MIT or CalTech, you should have a score over 750 – a high math score can usually trump an average verbal score at those types of schools). And by the way, GREAT SCORE!