Is High school better than middle school?

Is High school better than middle school?
MANY people ( including my mom ) have said high school is a lot better than middle school. I am currently in the 8th grade and it isn’t all that great. So far, middle school has been nice and all, but I mean come ON.. I made about 3 new friends in 6th grade, and then I knew everyone. With more people in high school, will it be easier to make new friends? What about the work? I’m currently drowning in essays and theorems.. It’s also a little hard for me to be social. I try my best to talk to people, but I just freeze up and don’t know what to say, I hate being shy! I also went on my high schools website and there are a few clubs that caught my eye. Thanks for all your help 🙂

For sure. My old school was terrible because we were unable to choose our elective (not sure is that’s the case with you) so in that sense high school is much better. By high school there shouldn’t be many people left you haven’t met so there won’t be any of your issues with not knowing anyone, plus there shouldn’t be as many new people in high school as there were in middle school. The work is really not as hard as people sometimes make it sound, and as long as you understand most of what your learning now it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Trust me, you will get used to all of the work. For me it became part of my routine. Clubs are always fun and a great way to meet everyone and make new friends. Overall high school gives you more freedom, opportunities, and advantages than middle school and I think it should bemuch better. I hope my answer was some help! :]