Is it possible to get into Wharton (Penn Univ Business school) with a 3.2 GPA? (I’m in high school) ?

Is it possible to get into Wharton (Penn Univ Business school) with a 3.2 GPA? (I’m in high school) ?
I have a 3.2 GPA and minimal community service and extracurricular activities. It’s really late (I’m a junior in high school) and I’m starting to do community service and etc… Gaah, I soo regret not taking school seriously in my freshman and sophomore year. Is there anything else Wharton looks at?

ok. i’m a senior in high school. i have a 4.31 weighted GPA. i have taken about 9 AP classes and all other advanced classes available i played basketball two years and softball the other two years, was on the swim team one year. i’m in about 8 other activites including service groups. i’m in the National Honor Society and i’ve been on the High Honors Roll for years. i have 1390 SAT which isn’t really good enough for Penn. i considered applying to Penn but even with all that i don’t think i have much of a chance. but really a part of the reason why i changed my mind because i didn’t think the application was worth my time because i wasn’t too sure about going there if i got in.

the application to Penn is really tough. you have to write a couple of essays. 1 common app essay, 2 supplement essays, and 3 short answer questions which might as well be mini essays. i think that’s all. could be more. on top of that, Penn is expensive. scholarships will be highly unlikely if you do get in. you would have to apply for financial aid. you have to remember that Penn is Ivy League [the only Ivy with an undergrad business school i think] and highly selective. to have a shot at a school at Penn you need to bring up your grades. and be the perfect student and more. but most importantly you need to score really well on your SAT/ACT and also write really well on college essays. for the other stuff it’s kinda late to work on them. leadership positions and offices in clubs/SGA/student council will help a lot. but with or without all that there’s still a chance you won’t get accepted. i’m sure you’ve heard that valedictorians get rejected from Ivies everyday.

i suggested you look at other schools too and keep your options open. work on college essays in the summer. also i suggest looking at this Bussiness Week book Fast Track: The Best Undergraduate B-Schools (McGraw-Hill, 2008) written by Geoff Gloeckler. you can just go to Barnes and Nobles and flip through it or something but not buy it. there are public ivies too if that’s what you’re interested in. also think about what specific business program you want and go to a school that’s good in that. instead of just looking at the top business school, Penn.