Is Justice a good topic for an illustration essay?

Is Justice a good topic for an illustration essay?
I am in a college level English composition class. I don’t consider myself a very good writer and am struggling to choose a topic for my recent assignment. Within the next few days I need to write a 750 word (approximately) illustration essay about an abstract concept. I need to illustrate in the essay concrete examples from my own experience. I am considering writing this essay on either justice or frustration. Is one better than the other? Anyone out there have ideas for a better topic? If I do choose justice I would like the thesis statement to be something like ” unjust justice” and write it about how justice isn’t always just. If I write it about frustration it will be about my personal experiences and how being frusterated with work etc. has been positive for me and helped me to change. Thanks for any ideas!

Whether justice is just or not would depend in my own opinion, on the definition you determine it to have, From whose point of view is something just or unjust?
In the Dark Ages, The Early Church considered itself to be the the best, the only reliable authority on moral behavior. So convinced were they of their own moral superiority, They adopted a Bible written in Latin, a language known mostly by priests. TPTB insisted the public might only read the scripture if a priest were present to interpret the Bible based on what the Church wanted people to believe,
this was just from the Church’s standpoint, It kept believers pure and guarded against any doctrine that challenged the churches beliefs from taking root in the growing church.The church felt justified in taking extreme action against any people who challenged it’s beliefs.
These are some of the unjust justice that was handed out a few hundred years ago.