Is my college essay topic good enough….?!?

Is my college essay topic good enough….?!?
I am going to be a senior in the fall and my school wants us to start writing our essay over the summer. For the college essay, I have to write about anything that would reveal my personality and I have to explain why I want to go to a particular college. My teachers said that we should write about an event in our life that has changed us.

I was thinking of writing about the time I went to India and saw all the poverty and felt really bad. So when I came back to America I decided to volunteer at the local hospital and help patients because the India experience really opened my eyes and I knew that many people out there need help. This experience has made me feel grateful. Also, I want to major in business, maybe event managment. But I dont know if this is a good enough topic to write about and how I would connect my experience to event management. any advice would be helpful. thanks 🙂

In line 3 “India experience” should be changed to “experience in India”
In the rest of the essay making a connection with poverty in India does not appear to be related to your major of business and event management in your undergraduate major,

To make your essay consistent and logical, you would have to change your observations of poverty in India to watching the poor women in India selling their hand-made objects in the markets so that they could go to their shack-like squalid homes to feed their children with the food they bought in the market. Then you would have to choose a major such as South Asian History, or South Asian Economics.

To stay within in your selected major of business administration, you should pick some observations about American Business, Capitalism, Economics, the Recession, Recovery from the Recession, or some other experience in the United States. Good luck.