Is my SAT score good enough?

Is my SAT score good enough?
I took the SAT in seventh grade and got a 2280. Then, I took it again in eighth grade and got a 2360. I got a perfect on the Math and Critical Reading. However, I got some points off in Writing. What sort of study methods did you use to study for the Writing Section. Did you make note cards, or maybe you simply memorized a SAT Vocabulary book. I am just trying to get a perfect score by the time I am a junior.

Hi ? (or at least, your name appears as ? to me (-: ).

First: For the purposes of college admissions, I think that you’re in an excellent position. The collective wisdom is that colleges won’t distinguish a 2360 from a perfect score. (That is, your 2360 is great! There’s no need to get a 2400 when you’re already at your level.)

However, if you’re interested in getting a 2400 for personal reasons (i.e. for the satisfaction of achieving a perfect score), here’s what I would say: If you’re already able to get an 800 on the critical reading section, there’s no need to study vocabulary. Vocab questions certainly come up on the CR section, but they don’t play a large role in the Writing section.

Where did you lose points on the Writing section? Was it on the essay? The paragraph revision questions? The “pick the underlined error” questions? The “reword this underlined phrase” questions? I’d recommend that you find out exactly where and how you lost points — and then prepare accordingly. (So, for example, if your essay score is what’s bringing you down, make preparing for the essay your focal point.)

I hope that helps! Good luck in achieving your goal!