Is my teacher verging on rude/mean?

Is my teacher verging on rude/mean?
I am starting to think that my teacher for English class really doesn’t like me for some reason. There were many incidences when she treated my totally unfairly (even other teachers said so). Whenever I talk with her, and God forbid, oppose her opinions she doesn’t let me speak.
She rewards the bad students and punishes the good. For example, there is this boy who sits next to me, who was making whale calls (exactly what it says) to his friends across the room during our school reading time, and repeatedly (calmly) I told him to please stop. Now, for the record I was not the only one bothered by this. My teacher said nothing to him but instead asked me, “Why are you getting so worked up over this. You need to have patience. I think the sounds he’s making are very soothing”.
She has absolutely no idea how to control her class, and apparently the principal has to supervise her regular English classes.
Whenever We have “creative” discussions in class, she always dismisses my ideas, and tries to never call on me to answer questions, then goes on to say that I don’t participate enough in class. Once, I gave a 15 minute presentation on “Of Mice and Men” by myself, and after that she decided to show us our citizenship grades only to see that mine had been lowered. Her excuse? I don’t participate enough.
During class while we were writing our outlines for an essay, she took mine off my desk and read it. Then she asked me where my details are. I told her that these are just my main points and I haven’t done that yet. She then points to a student who is notorious for being a complete slacker, and says to me, “You wrote the same things as that guy over there except with bigger words; You can’t fool me.” As if the only way I got by in my other classes was by fooling my teachers? Once she even called my name with the students who were getting the lowest grades in the class (I had never not turned in a piece of work or gotten anything below an A on her quizzes and tests), “To check if you deserve the A you are getting in my class or if I am giving it to you just because you are smart.”
After the bell rang on Friday, she said to me and another student who is very smart, “You two are too cynical. You are never going to be happy in life that way,” even though she does nothing but yell at people all day.
Anyway, rant over lol. But what do you guys think? Can a teacher act like this?

Your teacher is a bully, Period. The kind of negative, controlling manipulator who ends up in a position of power in order to have her way with a captive audience; in order to watch you sweat and suffer.
She bears full responsibility for what she is and what she does; you, as her victim, are absolutely Not responsible for her.
Blow her off completely. Do NOT start playing her kind of game; when you start wondering if this is Your fault and try to figure out how to do better in order to stop this, she has won.