Is there a time limit for how long you can take the SAT?

Is there a time limit for how long you can take the SAT?
I only have a 3.5 gpa because I screwed around freshmen year, but now I am in running start (college as a high school junior). I am looking at getting at least 2200 if I want to get scholarships, and I plan on being a pharmacist which costs a lot of money for schooling.

I am pretty good at taking tests, but I take my sweet *** time, because I am very analytical and make sure I got the right answer.

Is there a specific time limit to the test? Do they give you like 5 minute warnings or anything? Thanks!

yes i just took the SATs this morning. there are 10 sections.
The first 7 sections are 25 minutes long:
#1: always an essay
#2 – #8: two math sections- 18 multiple choice and short answer section, a 20 multiple choice section
two critical reading sections- these sections include vocabulary multiple choice and follow up multiple choice to reading passages and are either 24 or 19 questions
one writing sections- 35 grammatical questions
*always one experimental section that will be an extra writing, math, or critical reading but you won’t know
#9: 20 minute, 16 multiple choice math section
#10: 10 minute, 14 question grammar section

and you’re done! it was about 8:00-12:30 so not 2 and a half hours like other people answered