Is there still a demand for teachers?

Is there still a demand for teachers?
I’m trying to write an essay for why i want to become a teacher and one of the reasons i put on there is because of economic stability, i know it doesn’t pay well but enough for me to get by and become you know, stable. Is there any legitimate website or article out that talks about a high school teachers salary? Or at least teachers in the economy?

There is a demand for teachers in high demand fields. The demand is probably highest for special education teachers (especially those who teach emotionally disturbed children). Science (especially physics and chemistry) teachers, math teachers, bilingual teachers and ESL (English as a second language teachers are also hard to find. Foreign language teachers may still be able to find jobs. If you are interested in one of these fields, you might limit your essay to that area.

You will be able to find some articles online; however, you will probably need to visit the library to get enough material.

You could start with these:………