Is this a good SAT score?

Is this a good SAT score?
i’m currently a freshman, and i just took the practice SAT, but my teachers don’t know anything about the sat grading. i got 790 math, 660 reading, 750 writing, and an 8 on the essay. is that good? what’s the scale for the essay?

That’s not just good, that is fantastic!!!!

To find the overall score, you have to add up all the scores (660+790+750) and you get 2200. Basically, your score is 2200 out of 2400!!! That’s not including the essay, so once you add that in (I can’t remember how to add that into the total), it’ll be even higher. Like the other answer said, each section is out 800, so you scored very high on each one them (especially the 790…you were only 10 points from 100% on that section). You will definitely get into a high ranked college, no doubt about that!!