Is this a good SAT score?

Is this a good SAT score?
So I took a practice test and it didn’t give me an exact score but here is what I made

Writing 660 – 790
(MC: 62-64, Essay: 12)

Critical Reading 580 – 640

Math 570 – 650

Are those good scores?

If I was to take the ACTUAL SAT, what would my score be?

Oh man… that is a very huge range for each score section… Lets just take the average of the minimum and maximum scores for each section, which would yield:

Writing: 725
CR: 610
Math: 610

So your overall predicted score for the real SAT would be 1935, which is well above the average score (which is 1500). Again, because of the huge ranges in each score, this may be inaccurate. But, I would say that the averages of the scores will give you a general picture, give or take 100 points.
Definitely continue to practice because you can still raise your score by many points.