is this a good SAT score?

is this a good SAT score?
i got my SAT scores back, but i have no clue what they mean.

math- 530
critical reading- 540
writing- 550
essay- 08
multiple choice- 54

is that good or no?

Hi Caitlyn,

The national average is around 1500, or 500 in each subject area (Math, Reading, and Writing). Students applying for Ivy League admission should aim for a 2250 or above. A score of 1100 (all three subject areas combined) is considered low by most colleges.

Here is a sampling of some of the average SAT and ACT scores for colleges:

Harvard (SAT 2250) (ACT 33)
Stanford (SAT 2160) (ACT 32)
Duke (SAT 2150) (ACT 32)
Northwestern (SAT 2140) (ACT 33)
UCLA (SAT 1940) (ACT 28)
Texas (SAT 1840) (ACT 28)
Georgia (SAT 1840) (ACT 27)
UConn (SAT 1820) (ACT 27)
Washington (SAT 1820) (ACT 27)
Florida State (SAT 1790) (ACT 26)
Michigan State (SAT 1660) (ACT 26)
Boise State (SAT 1540) (ACT 23)
San Jose State (SAT 1530) (ACT 22)
Western Carolina (SAT 1530) (ACT 21)
Bowling Green (SAT 1500) (ACT 22)
Southern Maine (SAT 1470) (ACT 21)

Note that these scores were computed using the rounded average of the 50th percentile range on College Board’s College Search.

Good luck!