Is this a good sat score?

Is this a good sat score?
Is this a good sat score?
540 Reading 500 Math 430 Writing
whats the total? im a junior and it was my first time taking the sat.
also do you think it hurt me that i left 35-40 questions blank? cuz i thought we could leave 3-4 questions blank per section. but my told me aterwards that i should hav only left 10 questions blank in the whole test. so i couldnt add up more points..also in he essay i didnt write a conclusion so i got a 6 out of 12..

It really depends on what college you are applying to. For the higher ranked universities like the ivy leagues, you would need a 2100+ atleast. The less prestigious the college/university is, the lower your scores need to be. That said, even good public universities these days look for 1700+ so you need to raise your overall score by atleast 200-300 points.

Remember that .25 point is deducted for every incorrect question (except grid in), so it is better to leave questions blank than wildly guess. But if you can narrow the answer choices down from 4 to 3, it is worthwhile to guess.

Your essay should consist of 1 paragraph introduction, 3 paragraphs of reasoning/examples, and 1 final paragraph conclusion.