Is this a good SAT score..?

Is this a good SAT score..?
Jus curious..
I got a really good score in Critical Reading-760 and Writing-740 but somehow Maths let me down- 660.. 🙁
2160 overall..
I want to get into a place like UPenn, NYU, UChicago or Columbia.. is it a good SAT score??

This is a tough question; I am also trying to get into decent places like JHU, Penn, but I think SAT is still just part of the equation. I also had the same problem with math (680) but I did good on reading (780), writing (720).

Your SAT definitely qualifies you as it puts you in the middle 50% or higher for those schools, but the transcript is probably as important and/or even more important from what I ascertained during college visits (AP courses, honors, etc.) as well as your extracurricular activities.

Bottom line, from my reasoning a decent SAT score (2100+) gives you a chance at admission, but in order to separate yourself from the rest of the pack of 2100+ I would presume GPA, Extracurriculars, and essays would play a major role.