Is this practice PSAT score accurate?

Is this practice PSAT score accurate?
Prior to taking this practice PSAT, I got a 2010 on the SAT (670 M, 650 CR, and 690 W with 10 essay). I took the Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT Premier 2011 study guide’s diagnostic test, and it turns out that I got a 225 (69 M, 76 CR, and 80 W). Is this accurate? If not, what should my PSAT score be around? I am a rising 9th grader btw. Thanks 🙂

From what I hear, Kaplan’s practice exams are easier than some of the other ones out there so I wouldn’t be surprised if your score was inflated. An improvement IS to be expected, but I see what would be a 110 point jump in both critical reading and writing, which while possible is suspicious.

In a perfect world, SAT scores should be 10 times PSAT score so a 2010 on the SAT would convert to a 201 on the PSAT. See if a friend has a Barron’s practice test and compare? (I hear Barron’s tend to be more difficult).