Is writing 1000 words a day, IN MY NOVEL, enough?

Is writing 1000 words a day, IN MY NOVEL, enough?
I’m also writing other things during the day, such as essays (for university) and so on.

Is this enough? I can maintain this indefinetely but raising the bar to 2000 (like Stephen King) seems a bit too much…

The first two answers are awesome. If you’ve read King’s “On Writing” I believe he says he writes 10,000 words per day. While some people are able to, I would recommend against forcing yourself to write that much. I think that taking your time and concentrating on what you want to get across will produce a better quality of book. I don’t know about you, but I would rather read something well-written and wait longer to read it, then to read some book that was popped out in a course of 30 days just for the money (I am in no way bashing King, I think he’s a brilliant author. I just don’t think this is a good way to be going about the business).

Whenever I write something, I find I like it more if I take my time and put thought into everything I’m doing. Going back a year and reading what I’ve written, I’m pleased with how it sounds, and if I had rushed through it because I thought I had to, I doubt I would very much like it.