Issues/Research/leaders of medicine.?

Issues/Research/leaders of medicine.?
I have to write an essay for a scholarship to go to this medical program over the summer…I’m drawing a HUGE blank! Help would be appreciated.

Write an essay, 300 to 500 words in length, on one of the topics below:*
# Discuss a leader or issue in the field of medicine or medical research that has inspired your interest to pursue a career in medicine.
# Discuss the area of specialization in medicine or medical research that most interests you and explain why this discipline is important to you.

No one can answer that one- it calls for YOUR thoughts, not ours. First, consider why you are interested in Medicine. Second, if you think you have a preference for a sub specialty, pick it. Then go to the History of Medicine sites and learn a little more about the pioneers in that field. Do not plagiarize ! They know very well what Wikipedia says. I do not know why you became interested in Medicine as a career- Don’t you? ( don’t say I want to make a lot of money- first you will not in medicine, and second, it is a lousy motivation)