Jazz and Blues comparison and contrast essay! HELPPPPPPPPPP?

Jazz and Blues comparison and contrast essay! HELPPPPPPPPPP?
Okay, so I was an idiot, I let my teacher pick the music I was going to write the essay too!! *Puts gun to head*fml!

But the damage is done!

So now I know nothing about Jazz and Blues! I need some similarities and differences I need enough for a HUGEEEE report! So, please help it would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Rose,
Now, you know we cannot do your homework for you. The best I can do is steer you toward a few sources that I know you can access because they and you are on the net. My favorite jazz site is All About Jazz. There is history and description under many of the musician entries. For blues, see people like Bessie Smith, Pinetop Perkins, Muddy Waters and B.B. King. For jazz, see Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie, for example.
You can’t go wrong with Wikipedia–again go to history.
No one can put these two traditional and uniquely American genre into a nutshell. While there exist lots of ideas, some with evidence, on how they began, it is clear that they both sprang from African & Caribbean roots through slaves and poor laborers in the south. Work songs by field hands helped them cope with the tough conditions. Blues is repetitive with less variation in melody and while simpler in construction is no less rich because of the emotions communicated through the lyrics which almost always tell a story. Perhaps half of all jazz tunes have no lyrics. They are much more varied, melodic often, and exploratory and unique. Because the objective of jazz composer is frequently to express something old in a new way, improvisation is cherished and encouraged. Both have evolved but jazz much more so. Part of the appeal of blues is that is familiar.
I’m not going to say good luck because with four days, you should have plenty of time to do the work. So, get to it.