Juvi question?

Juvi question?
How long is a Juvi Sentence for Prank Calling?

Was it worth it ? well I hope so! because unless you threatened to kill or blow up something than you might get to write a 500-2000 word essay on why prank calls are bad. on the other hand if you did go out of your way and made some serious threats the court system will use a scare tactic and try to convince you that you are facing serious time. Lets face it they are not going to do sh*t to you. I once played a prank on some kids and pointed a bee bee gun that looked real at them and pretended to jack their bikes just to scare them. well the cops got called and my parents got involved as well. they told me I was facing felony charges. And trip off this then stupid gun didn’t even work! well they scared the crap out of me and when it was all said and done I got to write that essay I mentioned earlier plus I Had to apologize to the kids and their families. however when i look back i still get 2 lol at what happened it was funny then and now. anyways keep your head up and don’t let them coppers scare you to bad Prankster!