i have to write a leadership essay and i have no idea how to start it or what to write. it has to be about how u define leadership and how i would qualify myself to be a leader, and my mind is just blanking out. please help. this is due on tuesday. every answer is greatly appreciated. thanks!

i pick best answers!(:

ps.. i know this is supposed to be coming from me, but i just dont know where to start.

I would start by dissecting the prompt. Make a list of what you have to answer. From what you’ve posted here you need to…

1) Define leadership. What qualities does a person with leadership skills have? How do you know?
2) How do you qualify as a leader? How are you similar to the ideal that you described in 1)?

Now, I would go about defining leadership. Think of someone you admire for their leadership. A president, a community leader, or a historical figure. What qualities did they have that made them a good leader? You can even use them as an example if you’d like.

Maybe you can go and check the definition in a dictionary? This can help you find good synonyms for leadership and can give you a better idea of what leadership is if you’re still stumped. Don’t limit yourself to the dictionary definition though.

Now, you have to show the reader of your essay how YOU are a leader. In what ways are you similar to the person you described? What things have you done that make you qualify as a leader? Remember that you are aiming to persuade.

I hope this helps. 🙂