Let us start with analytical essay.

Let us start with analytical essay.
In analytical essays, information is conveyed through various types of facts, theories or arguments. The information that is conveyed may include facts such as the weather conditions, current economic situation or the position of society at other stages of development. Such facts may be gathered from various sources like newspapers, books, magazines, books of various other kinds.
Analytical facts may be presented in different ways. For instance, the weather information may first be presented, then the data is made as to its significance as a fact. The significance may also have been presented to a non scientific audience so that it can be understood well enough by members of that community. In such a way, we can convey our analysis from a scientific point of view to an audience who have not made up their mind yet.
For instance, we can present statistics that has a clear relation between various causes of death on different levels of magnitude. We present such statistics in a way that is convincing, especially if the audience sees the graph and reads the numbers before giving any opinion or suggestion. Also we may make use of a visual representation such as picture books when we depict certain kinds of data.
In order to ensure that the data presented in analytical essays are factual and correct we do some research before making the analysis. So, we visit medical journals to learn about the facts. Then we get a list of death rates of various diseases and write up an analysis of those different diseases in question.
Analytical essays that have some references and have been carefully prepared provide an important insight for the teacher who has to discuss the same with the students. Analysis on paper is not enough if this data is not given to the student who has to make his/her own conclusion.
Analytical essays containing facts are generally considered as being more useful in the analytical and scientific disciplines and thus, these are preferred. But in an engineering and business environment, analytical essays are preferred because some of them will be used to construct solutions and make decisions based upon them. In such a way, analytical essays should be given in the engineering courses, where students can use the information for developing business plans or solutions.
Competitive essay
Competitive essays are written in competition and to win the competition, the student must present his/her point clearly and clearly. To avoid the risk of students being accused of plagiarism and making mistakes during the paper writing, we have some specific rules.
It should be clear that the point you try to put in the competitive essay is not plagiarism. In fact, it is not even a good attempt to find errors in your sources. What your point should be is to address the fact, or the relevant question, that is required to be addressed.
Some people have used the word ‘plagiarism’ when they speak about something that is not plagiarism. They say that “I wrote this essay to compete, but the idea is not plagiarism but actually a correct answer would give the same information and the same result”. In such a case, you must address the subject matter and point which can be stated clearly in the competition essay, especially if it is written in English.
Competitive essays have multiple questions and their objective at the end of the assignment is to give the best answer to them. You should understand that it is the objective of the competition that you achieve.
Competitive essays can be written