Literary Analysis Essay! Much needed help please!?

Literary Analysis Essay! Much needed help please!?
Im writing a book about Across a hundred mountains by Reyna Grande. And have to analyze three elements from the novel. I decided that i should write characteristics, conflict, and maybe figurative language but im not quite sure how to start or how to write it. Please help me! I need it! I highly appreciate it.

You might want to start by first outlining or creating a diagram of what you want to cover in your statement.

For example, write “Characters” at the top of the page and brainstorm about what you want to say about the characters. Then do the same for conflict and figurative language. Look through the book to find examples of some of the things you wrote down.

Then take those lists and organize them – I like to use an outline format, but you can do it anyway you want. But choose which points you want to cover (you don’t have to cover every point out mentioned) and in what order.

Now – write your thesis statement. This is the point(s) you’re going to be making in this essay. Generally a thesis statement has two parts – first you state the topic and then state the point. Like “Grande’s book “Across a Hundred Mountains” is a cool book with cool characters and a strong conflict that is reflected in the figurative language used”. [Yeah, I’m being vague on purpose – it’s your essay so you come up with the thesis statement.].

Then you write the body of your essay – cover each of the three elements. Write the main point you have for the element and then include information that supports your main topic including examples from the book.

Finally write your introduction and your conclusion. You might want to start your introduction with a “bang” – something interesting to catch people’s attention. You could start with a quote from the book, some starting or unique information about the book that is related to your points, start with a story/ancedote related to your theme. Generally the last sentence of your introduction is your thesis statement.

Your conclusion should just be a brief summary of what you’ve just said.

Now this certainly isn’t the only way to write an essay – but it’s some ideas to get your going.

Good luck