Meaning of this short essay?

Meaning of this short essay?
Hi can someone please tell me what the meaning of this essay is? It’s a fairly short one. Here is the link

It is mainly about how the boundless imagination of childhood can be eroded by the changing world around us.

As children we don’t need someone to tell us what we can make with a few branches and twigs – we can make anything from a castle to a pirate ship (and all that we can imagine).

By the time we become adults, other things begin to occupy our thoughts – earning a living, bringing up children etc. Also, many of those spaces that our childhood imagination defined have become defined and limited by others – a housing estate is a group of houses and it’s not easy to picture it populated by pirates.

In other words, it becomes more difficult to find time and space for the imagination to roam freely.

Many of us eventually begin to yearn for that freedom of thought and we go looking for a space where our thoughts can once again roam free of the limits that have been imposed by modern life.