Murder in rue morgue?

Murder in rue morgue?
Help i need to know why In murder do you think the villian was an animal as oppsoed to a human. I have no idea and have a essay due tom please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously you have not read the story. There is a very clear explanation. Here is part of the text:
“It was a minute anatomical and generally descriptive account of the large fulvous Ourang-Outang of the East Indian Islands. The gigantic stature, the prodigious strength and activity, the wild ferocity, and the imitative propensities of these mammalia are sufficiently well known to all. I understood the full horrors of the murder at once.
“The description of the digits,” said I, as I made an end of reading, “is in exact accordance with this drawing. I see that no animal but an Ourang-Outang, of the species here mentioned, could have impressed the indentations as you have traced them.
“This tuft of tawny hair, too, is identical in character with that of the beast of Cuvier. But I cannot possibly comprehend the particulars of this frightful mystery..”

The strenght used by the murderer could only be that of an animal as heavy furniture had been thrown around.

It turns out this Orang-Outang belonged to a sailor who had lost it and responded to an ad in the paper saying the animal had been found.

Next time do your assignment. I will no longer do your homework for you.