My dad doesn’t understand. Please help?

My dad doesn’t understand. Please help?
Ok so I’m a teenager and the work load from school is becoming harder and harder to handle. As of today, for example, I have one essay, a presentation tomorrow, two research projects to work on, three math pages AND a test to study for. My dad was a terrible student. He got football scores for grades and he also has anger problems (my mom even knows, she thinks he needs pills).

Take today for example. He was yelling at me to clean my room and make the table and all this crap when I’m up to my neck in schoolwork. He won’t go out and buy the materials for me (I can’t drive) for my project “because it isn’t important.” This is SCHOOL. I need good grades. My family is deep in finance problems too, and the only way I’m going to college is if I get a scholarship.

I’m so stressed. Please help.
Thanks<33 ANSWER First of all I know how it feels when parents think that "our stuff" isn't important. my mom wouldn't really care either. he's wrong about that. you should speak with your mom about talking to him because THEY'RE the one's who need to provide all of those things for you that's why they're your parents. now about the chores well i know you have tons to do but do the table to shut him up!! but continue doing your school work and insist that you really need the materials. i have a daughter and she will and always be number one on my list!!! that's how it should be with all parents talk to them!