My friend told me he loved me! What does it mean?

My friend told me he loved me! What does it mean?
I’m really sorry that this is so long!

Well there’s this guy, lets call him Bob. I’ve known him for several months. We had two classes together last semester and we sat next to each other so we became good friends. Then this semester we have two classes, together again. And we sat next to each other again for about a month, them the teacher moved our seats. We would have arguments all the time over the dumbest things ( like one time we fought over whether it was the or thee ). I guess you could say we flirt a lot, like he pokes me or touches my arms or legs. We tease each other a lot too. Like he pretended to close my locker one time when I wasn’t done with it, but he really didn’t. One day I said how all guys are the same, ( which I know isn’t true but I was mad at this guy I know that day so ), he started to tell me how sweet he was to his last girlfriend, and how when things weren’t working out with them, he drove to her house to explain to her. Then when ever I talk to any of my other friends ( some boys, some girls ) he always seem to interrupt and start talking to just me. Is he jealous, or what’s going on??

So today, we had a tornado drill so we had to go sit in the band room. It was me and him, his best friend and my best friend. He was sitting across from me. And then his best friend ( who we’ll call tim ) and my best friend ( lets call her Lisa ) were across from each other. We all started talking then Bob ( my crush ) started to tease me saying that he knew I liked him. I said, “bullshit”. ( which I know I should’ve just told him but with everyone around us it just felt weird ). But then Lisa ( my best friend ) said, “yeah I know,” as in that I do like him. So that continued for a minute then the drill was over. Then he started teasing me on how short I was. We went back to our classroom where our teacher yelled at us for talking. Then later we headed down the computer lab to work on our essays. Bob and time were both being loud, so I told them to shut up. While I was walking away, bob ( the one I like ) said, “I love you!” To me. I dont know of he was kidding or not, because when he said it his friend laughed but he stayed quiet, and acted serious! Was he just kidding or does it seem like he might have feelings for me?

Girl, if he is teasing you and messing with you like that… Then HE does that you! He’s flirting and giving you hints. And him saying “I knew you liked me.” he’s totally crushing on you!

Now the I love you, if he was acting serious then he must be. Friends always laugh so dont worry about that friend of his.

If I was you I’d go for it. Tell him how you feel and I’m pretty sure he feels the same, but don’t wait to long or it may be too late. Go for it and tell him, like they say… Jump!