My teacher grades unfairly?

My teacher grades unfairly?
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I feel like every time there’s a project or essay, my teacher always seems to grade me so much harder than my friends. The thing is on tests, I always do well (90s) because there’s a definite answer to every question, but when it comes to assignments that require his judgement, he always gives me 80s. The thing is I put so much effort into them and I can honestly say that my projects were allways on par or better than my friends’ and they got 90s!

I’m really shy and I don’t talk much in class, can this be a reason why he’s giving me such bad grades?

I agree with the first answer.

As a teacher, I can tell you that the school system usually has a sickening way of grading students. In our school system you seem to either fall into one of four categories:
“we feel sorry for you”
“we gave up on you”
“we are afraid of your parents”, and
“we know you can do better”

It is the same way across the United States. I am uncertain where you live, but it sounds as though you may be in the group “we know you can do better”.

For you, this means that your teachers want to see absolute perfection in your projects due to the fact that they are seeing it in your testing. Unfortunately, because we ARE all human, when you have a slight flaw in a project you are given an 80. A flaw can be anything to a teacher down to the type of font you used to print an essay. Too fancy is too much, and too plain is exactly that.

Honestly, I hate the way that the children are graded. I think that they are pushed too far too early and do not get to enjoy their childhood. I teach my class in a different manner than what you speak of. I do not believe in the “grouping of poor and non-poor” and “smart and non-smart”. If you earned a grade you get it, and if you didn’t do the work I tell you why.

I believe the best advice to give you is to continue to be yourself. If you bring it to the attention of the school board, they will not back you on it and things will get worse. They will say that you deserved the grade and you will be exausted from taking it that far. It seems as though you do have outstanding passing grades and with faith they will stay outstanding.

I hope this helps,
Good luck!