Napoleon help please for the history fans out there? you don’t have to answer it all just what ever you can?

Napoleon help please for the history fans out there? you don’t have to answer it all just what ever you can?
Part I:
write a list of five qualities by which to judge effective leadership. What do you think makes a leader effective or makes them someone you would want to follow?
Part II:
Apply your selected “qualities” to the leadership of Napoleon. You are to answer the question, “Was Napoleon Bonaparte an effective leader?” You are to use your qualities as listed in Part I to determine his effectiveness. You must provide specific historical details showing how he meets or fails to meet each trait. Write your answer in a well-developed paragraph.
Part III:
Reflect on the goals of the French Revolution. Separate from Napoleon’s effectiveness, in one paragraph consider whether Napoleon continued the Revolution or betrayed the Revolution. In other words, was Napoleon a hero of the revolution, a tyrant of the revolution, or somewhere in between? Support your position with several examples.

Napoleon is one of my favorite historical figures.
1)He studied all the great leaders of history including his favorite, Alexander the Great.
2)He had a vision.
3)He shared that vision.
4)I would certainly want to follow someone who promises greatness and glory and actually achieves it.
5)A leader is effective if he goes to the battle to win.
6)He had a lot of heart.
7)He usually had a backup plan in case the first plan didn’t work.

Essay: Napoleon was a military genius who expanded France in unbelievable sizes. As governor of France, he changed old laws that were not useful anymore with his own and recognized and protected civil rights for all citizens. Many of his changes are applied still in today’s France and because of him France is one of the leading countries in Europe and the world.
Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant military mind. When he was just a 16-year-old officer, he started his military career, and proved his skills in a royalist rebellion against the government of the French republic. After that one success followed the other. In the ages of 16-20 he ended up having done more than a successful general of 30 would do. His most glorious victory was in the Battle of Austerlitz on December 2nd, 1805. Having under his command 65000 men, he faced 80000 allied soldiers of Russia, and Austria. The result was that Napoleon left the battle victorious having just 9000 casualties, while his enemies numbered 27000 dead, injured or captured. By winning 95% of his battles, he became the boogey man of Europe and a superhero to France. His intelligence, speed of decision, determination and imagination on the field of battle were the keys of every victory.
Revolutionary France was a complete mess up until Napoleon became its absolute ruler. Under his administration, the laws were changed with better and fairer ones. The c Code Napoleon regulated the civil differences between citizens and brought equality in courts for all French citizens. He introduced education for all the male citizens who could have higher knowledge at the Lyceés (High Schools). His aim was to have a disciplined and strong population that could carry on during peace and at war as civil servants and soldiers. He found the only way to unite France after Louis XIV’s reign and the Revolution, which was completely disorganized militarily, socially and administratively.
While Napoleon was very popular back then because he changed France, his actions continue to exist today. Because the Church had a very bad influence to the people after what happened during the revolution, he forbade it to interfere in the state’s daily affairs, so that the people would have the will and the freedom to do what they wanted (as long as it was legal by his laws) without being afraid to be executed for felonies. Napoleon’s new system of laws exists also until today, meaning that the people didn’t have any problems with them all these centuries. Maybe because the laws protected the civil rights of the people and recognized these rights. Actually these laws are the basis of the French Constitution today.
So in conclusion, Napoleon was a hero and probably the father of the modern France. He was the scourge of Europe? Not by a longshot. The British came up with that nickname after he defeated them 2-3 times. The women also because they didn’t have more rights. Well, were they better during the reign of Louis XVI, or during the Middle Ages? No, but while Napoleon was a ruler, the French people would not be executed except of doing a really big crime, so the women considered this a chance to start a rebellion to find their own rights. But after all because of him, now the French have democracy, their country is one of the leading countries of the world, and because of him France is today what it is.

As Napoleon said “He was the Revolution”. Of course he continued it. He made better (and more fair) laws, he expanded France and made it an empire, he won so many battles, “liberty, equality and fraternity” became almost achievable, nobody could stand against France, the ones that betrayed the Revolution were actually the French people because they exiled him because he lost the war in Russia. Tyrants of the Revolution were the Reign of Terror. Well, if you need more examples, look what was happening before Napoleon with the Revolution. People were beheaded for no serious reason, anarchy and fear prevailed, in short the Revolution lead nowhere. Then a 16-year-old officer comes up and starts an actual Revolution. Napoleon was never afraid of doing whatever he believed was right. That’s why he succeeded.

I know I didn’t cover everything, but a 90% was completed. Add some more and I think it’s going to be done. Good luck.