Narrative essay help?

Narrative essay help?
Quick question. Does a Narrative HAVE to be a lesson learned?
I have to write an essay for a college class but I don’t have a good lesson learned to write about..
thank you in advance!

A narrative is an essay that tells a story. The main skills are organization of events and sequencing, which is really what the professor will be looking for.
You only need to write about a lesson learned if that was the assignment. If that’s what the professor wants, that’s what he needs to get if you want to pass. You’ve learned hundreds of lessons in your life (hopefully) The lesson doesn’t have to be some earth-shaking philosphical concept; it can be something as simple as remembering to check your backpack before you leave the house. However, if you choose something simple, the surrounding story should be amusing/interesting. (For example, your little brother got at your backpack and exchanged your homework for a live gerbil.) Also, the incident doesn’t REALLY have to be true. They’re looking for competent writing.