Need advice on writing a college transfer essay?

Need advice on writing a college transfer essay?
I currently am enrolled at Indiana University and due to financial situation back home I can’t afford to attend the school anymore so I am planning on transferring to University of Illinois so that I can get in-state tuition. I want to be honest on my essay and that I am transferring due to money and seek a program with prestige like the one I am in or similar or should I just drop that whole idea and write about why this school is a good fit for me?

I would say both. I would start by being honest: talk about how well things went at Indiana, how successful you were there and how much you enjoyed being a student, and then say that though you are unable to continue there due to finances, you plan to be just as successful at a similar program like UI. I would conclude by saying that after researching your options, you believe that UI might be an even better fit (regardless of whether that’s true or not), and that you are excited to have the opportunity to switch to UI.

Good luck!