Need help in how to write an essay for a scholarship?

Need help in how to write an essay for a scholarship?
Well this is my first time applying for a scholarship. The question on the essay states “How will a MBA integrated with a CPA review methodology will help me success and meet my career goals?”

I am seeking advice on what factors do a scholarship committee look for in an essay, also is it necessary to do research and use material information then cite my references or is it better to not use outside resources but keep it simple and just use the knowledge from my perception?

What there are looking for is an essay that is primarily your own views and conclusions about the subject. You can cite statistics or specific information from your research, but do not merely lift passages from other people’s writing and combine those to form an essay. That is essentially plagiarism and you will never get any kind of scholarship based on stealing the work of others and hoping no one notices.

List your sources at the end of the essay and be sure to use a spell check program so there are no misspelled words. I would have a couple of adults read the essay to see if it flows well or if they have any suggestions to make it better before you send it in.

I’m sure you’ll do well. Good luck to you!! ; )