need help on 10th grade gay marriage essay?!?

need help on 10th grade gay marriage essay?!?
i dont know where to start, it needs to be 1,500 words and i have to state both sides, and compare and contrast both sides then choose a side. im horid at writing, any web sites you can think of, or ideas for my thesis would be amazing ! C: i really dont want to fail because of this assingment, i have straight A’s…. thanks for any help x

Well at my school, we usually write a three part thesis. My teachers say I am an excellent writer so I should be able to help.

Your thesis should be 4 parts. Each body paragraph should be one fact about marriage and equality and then go into explaining how it gay marriage should be legal and why it shouldn’t be legal. Each part of the thesis should be the topic of the paragraph in the order the paragraphs occur (although any 10th grader should know that).

Here are reasons why it shouldn’t be legal:

1. Marriage should be between a man and a woman
2. Same-sex marriages do not produce any biological children
3. Same-sex marriage doesn’t comply with religions
4. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve (don’t use that quote, just the idea)

And here are the reasons to counteract those:

1. As long as you are in love should be able to marry
2. The world is over populated, and same-sex couples can adopt
3. America is a secular country and religion shouldn’t interfer
4. Even in religion, Jesus Christ never said anything about homosexuality being wrong

For that last one, you can research the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) website, because they recently made it okay to have an LGBT pastor and may have some good info.

I’m sure you’ve already picked your side in this argument, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Good Luck!