need help on a process essay for college :( please help?!?

need help on a process essay for college 🙁 please help?!?
i have to write a process essay on an outragous goal,but i have to write it as if i were living that goal today. i chose to write about having 7 of my favorite nice cars to use a different one everyday of the week . do you guys think that’s a good topic? and if it is how can i start the first sentence ? what can be the thesis to a topic like that ?

** im stressing because of this, im stuck and i don’t know what to do ..

honestly its not a very good topic….

you are applying for college and you need to show them who you are….buy writing about your expensive cars you are telling them that you are selfish and preoccupied with expensive things. Colleges want students who are going to learn and change the world and be productive in society and possess good values….

change it to be about what you want to do in life….what are you life goals? it can still be outrageous…like if you want to be a chef for instance you can make it outrageous by takling about hwo yo uwant to be traveling the world to a different country every week cooking up crazy cusisine for all different kinds of people and you also have a tv show on the food netwrok….

get the idea?