Need help on comparing and contrasting 2 poems?

Need help on comparing and contrasting 2 poems?
I need to write 2 separate essays for these two poems, The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats and Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen. One on comparing and another on contrasting them. Now, all I know is that these two poems are anti-war poems protesting World War I. I understand them a little, but I want to get an insight to how other people compare and contrast these. You know, to cl rear things up things that I have been wondering. Thank You very much if you help!

Owen’s poem directly addresses the war, but Yeats really isn’t talking about WWI. For Yeats, the war is just another example of what he sees as a general breakdown of custom and ceremony that (in his view) elevates human existence out of the merely physical. Yeats is talking about a cycle of deterioration and rebirth in society. He sees his own society as being at the end of the cycle. In this world, all hierarchy has been abandoned, the ancient values have been abandoned with nothing to replace them, so nothing can be valued above anything else and everything is valueless. In the midst of this flood of mere anarchy, a new complexity is being born which cannot be predicted, but which must necessarily be terrible to the complacent. It is a very abstract vision in contrast to the graphic and realistic portrayal of human suffering in Owen’s poem. I would not exactly call Owen’s poem anti-war either though. It is anti-war propaganda. It shares with Yeats poem a disdain for high sounding empty slogans that do not confront the terrifying fragility of human societies.