Need Help on Essay?

Need Help on Essay?
So I have an essay that I have to turn in tomorrow. We have to do an essay on “why people should be more concerned about others”. I am trying to make my essay better, and I need 3 reasons why people should be more concerned about others than about themselves. My teacher gave it to our class to redo it, and make it better. I feel like mine wasn t good enough, cause I just repeated the same things over, and my essay was boring. I do not know how to write good essays. So I need help.

What grade are you in? There’s a philosophy concept called the “social contract”. The idea is that we all have to live on this planet, in cities or towns or states with each other, and if we all follow some rules and are good to each other, life will be better for all of us. If you watched any of the Olympics, you might have heard some talk about the large numbers of poor people and the high crime rates. Rich people in Rio live in walled communities to keep out the poor, hungry, desperate people who might steal from them. On the other hand, in countries where people earn decent salaries and the standard of living is fairly even, there’s much less crime, because there aren’t a lot of hungry, desperate people willing to steal to survive. Taking care of other people can make our communities more comfortable for us to live in.