Need help on essay for school!!?

Need help on essay for school!!?
The essay is about Home Depot and Lowe’s Website which is what we have to write about… What I need is substantial content issues, please give me feedback and explain what the writer says or fails to say… What is your response to this essay? Best answer gets 10 points!!! Thanks guys….

The company websites I chose to go with were Home Depot and Lowe’s. I chose them because they are very closely related, and big competition to each other.

Home Depot and Lowe’s are very similar stores. They are both stores for home improvement, and carry a lot of the same items. They carry some of the same brands, along with those who are store exclusive to each company.

Home Depot’s slogan on the website is “You can do it. We can help.”, while Lowe’s slogan is “Let’s build something together.” Home Depot has more of a slogan that is telling the consumer that they supply items for you to do the work yourself. Lowe’s has just the combined, possibly telling the consumer that they can help you do what you need. Lowe’s also includes “Improving Home Improvement” on the title of their website.

The Home Depot website is categorized more by the actual item, whereas the Lowe’s website is categorized more by location of the project and type of item. The Lowe’s website has their categories with a few sub categories on the home page (possibly the most visited and/or most popular), and the Home Depot website just lists out the the product categories.

The websites of both companies are shopping websites where you can actually buy products through the internet. Home Depot’s front page starts off with the listed categories, discounts that are currently going on, in-store events and promotions and seasonal items. Lowe’s front page starts off with home improvement ideas, how to guides, buying guides, design tips, and similar other things. They both take different approaches at sales. The Home Depot website is more about buying, and it seems like the assumption that you know what you need, or at least where you want to look. Although, the Home Depot website does offer various help tips and guides, it does not include as many, and does not seem to be a very big advertisement characteristic of their website. The Lowe’s website seems like it wants to offer you help on your project. It offers you a lot on tips and help, which can be better for those who are not exactly sure what they want, or how to do. This actually kind of goes back with their slogans, with the one being more we have what you need for your project, and then the other saying that we can help you with your home improvement projects.

They both offer a lot of visual images on their websites. The Lowe’s website offers more pictures of the actual products in real situations, whereas the Home Depot website has more of just the product with no extra props or anything.

Another thing, they both offer customer service of their websites. The Home Depot website seems to have more information about everything at the bottom of the pages. Lowe’s has some, but not like Home Depot with shipping information, privacy, security information, etc.

That is the information I have gathered for my essay so far.

Two of the easiest essay formats are ORR and PECS. ORR is Opinion, Reason, and Recommendation. PECS is Problem, Effect, Cause, and Solution. For the type of essay you are doing an ORR piece would work best. I don’t know what grade you are in (I’m assuming middle school or high school) so I don’t know how long your essay needs to be.
But first paragraph O: In my opinion HomeDepo/Lowe’s web site is more helpful/user friendly etc…(Elaborate)
R: state reasons why that website is better. Easier to navigate, better on line payment, cheaper S&H…etc.
R: I recommend using this site for home repairs…etc.
Of course this is a very vague example, because I don’t know your grade level. But you will need a few paragraphs for each section. You have gathered lots of information and that is great! Keep doing research! Talk to people who have shopped at both places and get their opinions of each store or store site. Maybe buy something there yourself and see how you like the experience. Ask for help from an employee at each store and see which store provides better services. I don’t know how much I have helped, but you seem to be doing a great job of researching on your own. All you really need to do is get some more “personal” insight to each establishment and organize your information. And remember, the whole reason for writing an essay is to give your opinion, so don’t forget to list your thoughts and why you feel that way! Have fun!