need help on my essay about judgment?

need help on my essay about judgment?
our instructor is making us write an essay about judgment. it can be any kind of judgment, so i chose on why people shouldn’t judge people on how they look before getting to know them. i need help on why people shouldnt jjudge. i need supporting evidence, please.

i need help supporting my thesis.

1. You should learn WHY the person dresses this way.
ex.: girl dresses in all abercrombie with curled hair–every day. You think, “Snob.” Truly, she feels lonely. All she has at home is abercrombie. Even though she is really rich, she feels lonely because everyone thinks she is a snob. She just wants to make friends and hang out like other people, but she is set apart by her clothes.

ex.: #2 Guy dresses in rags and has bad sense of personal hygiene (judging from his aroma) Well, I know why you don’t want to be his friend (sniff, sniff) but maybe he’s not a total idiot. It turns out he is an environmentalist and is trying to use less water. Please convince him to use a bit more water, and less electricity. But the point is– he is not a slob, but a person trying to take responsibility for our planet.

ex.: #3 Girl wears TONS of makeup and cheap looking clothes. This girl is from a poor family and has seen our case #1 girl. She doesn’t have the money to buy $50 abercrombie shirts. So she wears tons of makeup to make up for it. (lol sorry) Maybe if you become her friend, she will feel less self-conscious and can quit the three layers of mascara. (really not attractive by the way)