need help understanding essay prompt?

need help understanding essay prompt?
i wrote an essay for my teacher and she pretty much told me i was completely off topic and told me to rewrite it.
this is the prompt

In a text based, thesis driven, analytical essay, develop a detailed discussion of how the perception of a concept shapes the understanding – or misunderstanding – thereof. In your discussion, consider the implications of, and the potential beneficial and/or detrimental outcomes and consequences that arise due to the various interpretations of a concept, in this case, the concept of education, and of being a student. Develop the significance of your response and bolster and substantiate your ideas and your analysis by utilizing relevant material in our text, The Composition of Everyday Life: A Guide to Writing, presented by the editors, John Mauk and John Metz, in the introduction to Chapter Five: “Analyzing Concepts” (136-137) and elsewhere, and draw from the following essays:
then she lists several articles that i’ve already read.

i’m not quite sure what she’s asking. i wrote about the misconceptions of a college degree so…. idk i’m lost

any help is appreciated! thank you!

No lie, this **** is confusing as **** and this is my first time responding to anyone… But here goes nothing!
Alright so the closest I’ve done to this type of prompt was an essay on a book called “Othello” by Shakespeare, and a piece of Plato’s Allegory of the cave” describing what it was to have a ‘truth’. The prompt was to describe the path of what truth was.. Look up Plato’s cave, it’s complex but its the best I got, it describes the process to truth, how someone else shapes it for you, and how based on what was told and shown to you, you shape your own interpretation of a truth. This all goes in on how it can be shaped and misunderstood (basically manipulated) in the will of others which relates to Othello, a story of lies and the manipulation of truth to bend someone to another’s will; in the end this perception of concept leads to alot of death and . This Plato cave thing has to do greatly with education just take a minute to see the connection, I’m sorry I can’t be of anymore help I got an essay due tomorrow about Religion and it’s manipulation and different interpretations, Sorry!