Need help with a career path?

Need help with a career path?
I have 9 average GCSE’s (B’s and C’s ) and am currently doing a level in maths, chemistry and physics. going in to college I wanted to be an astro physicist but I’ve lost the passion, and before wanted to be a game designer but was advised against it..and now getting tired of college, really just wanna drop out and get a job but don’t know if I should or what to do, help.

Here is how to choose a career path.

1) Retrace your past steps. Look back at what you enjoyed as a child, and remember your interests, hobbies and activities. Usually we get asked about what we want to be at an early age. Try to remember what you wrote down or said to your teacher, family and friends.

2) Identify your true values. Your values are very important in choosing your career. Values such as freedom, travel, being your own boss and creativity might all be something you want in your career.

3) Explore your options. Research on the internet or in the library about career path options. Many people do not even know certain careers exist and they tend to feel stuck in one place without options.

4) Listen to yourself and your heart. People dream of making a career out of what they love. Singing songs, cooking meals, working with numbers, networking with people and writing essays are all valuable talents. By listening to what you truly enjoy doing, you can shape your career path.

5) Talk to a career adviser. Take a career test and see what you are best suited for. Then see if it is something you would like to do in life. You can even do an internship to experience the type of career and then if you like it, you can continue with it.