Need help with a catchy hook for my english 2 advanced essay?

Need help with a catchy hook for my english 2 advanced essay?
if i want to get into eng 2 adv. next year, i need to apply for it with a 5-7 paragraph essay about why i should be in that class nexyt year. i need a good hook to get the teacher interested right from the beginning. a good quote about going ahead or a good question. but please dont leave this page without leaving an answer.

Do you have any ideas about what your essay will say?
My original thought – as a journalist, your “lead” can make or break your entire story. Often, a reporter will write the entire piece before considering the lead.
Maybe you should try that. It’s hard to come up with a catchy opener for you for several reasons. You are a stranger, we don’t know your personality. We have no idea who your review panel is or what they may expect of you.
A good lead is like an anticipatory set… spew out a rough draft of things you’d like to say in your essay, including things you deem important to your education and relevant to the English class in particular.
Quit thinking about it – and likely – you’ll see some weird pizza commercial on T.V. and the coolest line ever will just pop into your head.
Good luck!
So – I have to share my favorite quote with you.
Do or do not, there is no try. Jedi Master Yoda
Do you have a favorite quote? That could be an idea… A favorite poem? A favorite movie?
Let it come – it will – and it will be perfect!