need help with a school essay. =/?

need help with a school essay. =/?
we have to make this VERY detailed.
with sensory , transition words. metaphors , similes , onomatopoeia ,
personification , idioms.
alllll of thatt!

the topic is
‘ if you were stranded on an island for a really long time , what 3 things
would you want to have with you and why? ‘

uh , i think i would probably have

a gun.
loads of clothes for each season.
bugsprayyy. =)

can anyone help start me off?


I certainly cannot give you the essay, but I could give a couple of words for you:

Transitions: First, second, after, last, First of all, of course etc. are basic, but good, words you can use. Usually, time-related words fit in this category.

Thesaurus: Use words, like instead of fun, use awesome.

Simile: Example – My hair is as black as chocolate.

And for the 3 things you need, don’t bring bug spray, bring something else like a match, or a knife.

Hope this helps,