Need help with a title for my english essay?

Need help with a title for my english essay?
Im writing an english essay and am having trouble finding a title for it. It’s about how juveniles are being charged as adults and in my essay i argue that they shouldn’t be charged as adults, any ideas??

Thanks in advance

Juvenile, Webster’s Dictionary, and the law.

An exploratory essay into the origins of a concept


The concept I’m talking about is that of classifying people under the age of 18 as minors. This was done specifically to keep them from being charged as adults. Furthermore the person committing the crime should be the variable, not the severity of the crime.

In other words, if a minor commits murder, and the court decided that minor has done so in full adult mental capacity, then how should adults be charged? Should punishment for adults also increase to the point of being cruel and unusual because they committed the crime with an even greater maturity and mental capacity?

The argument would then be towards simply revising the law in place for minors so that the punishment fits the crime, but still takes into account the fact that the minor has yet to fully develop mental and emotional maturity.